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Research & Development projects

Heat Recovery

  • Develop heat recovery system for intensive poultry production buildings utilising Thermal wheel technology & dust suppression.  

  • Assess and contrast with alternative heat recovery methods.

  • CFD modelling, prototype construction

Waste to Energy - Coir pellet

  • Commercial Horticulture - Manufacture 6mm pellet from spent coir matting .

  • Carry out large scale  combustion trials to assess materials handling, energy, emissions and compliance.

Pyrolysis & Biochar

  • Variety of waste products run through pyrolysis process to assess viability and biochar credentials.

  •  Innovate UK Engineering Partner for Pyrolysis of Onion Waste project .

  • Small scale trial to analyse input material & biochar output, leading to large scale trials and small scale plant trials.


  • Development & assessment with manufactures ORC, hot gas ORC, steam piston pump generation

Screenshot 2023-09-11 140710.jpg

Waste to Energy - Straw pellet

  • Cereal straw & miscanthus pellet production trials. 

  • Followed by combustion trials, emissions tests to ensure air quality compliance &  economic viability assessment

Low Energy Air Movement

  • Air Handling units -  Working with fan manufacturers to achieve low running cost variable speed solutions for harsh environments.

  • Air flow CFD simulation and physical on site  smoke testing /air speed confirmation.

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