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What We Offer

Consultation & data gathering

  • Site surveys

  • Assess planning permissions/conditions

  • Assess EA permit conditions

  • Existing energy usage/profile

  • Carbon modelling

  • Fuel cost modelling

Carbon Modelling example                                                                    

Table 1,  below illustrates a building with no renewables, heated by LPG and grid electric.

In contrast Table 2 shows the carbon savings gained when replacing LPG with Biomass (straw) and Solar PV> 

Table 2

Table 1

Conclusion – The combination of straw fired heating and PV shows annual reduction  of  129.51 T/yr

Carbon Emissions:

The UK government publishes greenhouse gas (GHG ) conversion factors annually for UK business and organisations to record and report greenhouse gas emissions. The GHG conversion factors fall under the  Department for Energy Security and Net Zero DESNZ.  (Formally BEIS)

 Extract from Government conversion factor document

cfd model.png

System design

  • Autocad 2D & 3D drawing and design 

  • CFD modelling

  • Mechanical & electrical design

  • System specifying

  • Controls integration

3D Solid Works component example

Stress analysis modelling example – Chain links


2D CAD example of straw Biomass system

Sales, finance &
business support

  • Financial modelling

  • Evaluating current funding/support (E.g. BEIS, DEFRA)

  • Independent energy modelling (MSc MIDHEE)

  • Fuel selection financial modelling

  • Biomass storage bunkers, silos

  • Materials handling & movement equipment e.g., conveyors, top loaders, augers

  • Pipework-welded steel & press fit

  • Buffer vessels/thermal stores

  • Heat emitters e.g., Fan coils, finned pipe & AHU

  • Heat recovery system

  • Pre-insulated underground heating mains & transport systems

  • LPG & oil fired back up heating systems, Flues

  • Control panel cabinets & PLCs, controls integration

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CFE work with a variety

of Ancillary equipment manufacturers, including: 

CFE work closely with manufacturers to design and install all aspects of the heating system including AHU and Fan coils. 

  • Health & Safety file compilation & submission

  • CDM coordination 

  • Project management

  • Turnkey installation

  • RHI compliance and application service.

  • District heating

  • Coordinated system commissioning

  • Operation and maintenance manuals

  • Training of site operators and management

  • System handover


CFE provide a Turnkey solution, ensuring the smooth transition between all trades with hands on project management


  • Heat- meter replacement

  • Biomass boiler specialist services

  • Boiler optimisation and re-commissioning service

  • Remote monitoring of plant and equipment

  • Fabrication, repairs and re-conditioning

  • Parts supply from all our Partner manufactures

Boiler optimisation – Biomass fuels can be variable owing to the very nature of their origin. For example wood chip may be sourced from different forest processes with differing species and bark mixes. Cereal straws vary depending  on the seasons growing conditions and climate.

Boiler optimisation involves inserting a flue gas analyser into   the flue stack and adjusting boiler parameters such as grate timings and primary air to optimise efficiency and ensure a clean complete combustion. Depending on boiler usage optimisation is recommended at least once /yr or more frequently  if the fuel varies from the time of commissioning. Often several different fuel settings can be saved in the boiler menu to allow the operators flexibility in fuel selection.

Ofgem require all heat meter components to be either re-calibrated or replaced at 10 year intervals in the UK. CFE can provide a full re-calibration or replacement service including RHI compliance documentation. 

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