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Carbon Focus Engineering

Expert renewable technology supply, installation and commissioning - Delivering fuel efficient energy solutions to business and industry.

About Us

Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) harnesses the extensive experience of our team to design, install, and commission Low Carbon Energy systems for businesses and organisations across various sectors throughout the UK.

Our founders and directors boast a rich background in mechanical engineering, renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon modelling, and environmental sciences, demonstrating a proven track record in delivering highly efficient projects.

Over the past 20 years, our projects have evolved in response to government legislation, engaging diverse sectors, including agriculture, horticulture, public sector (schools/NHS), business-to-business, construction supply chain, manufacturing, and industry.

Our portfolio encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies, including biomass heating, solar thermal, solar PV, heat pumps, and heat recovery, complemented by turnkey mechanical and electrical solutions, district heating, project management, and compliance services.

Our team specializes in bioenergy projects, handling an array of fuels, from mainstream wood chip/pellet to niche alternatives like straw, miscanthus, waste wood, waste residues, and poultry manure. All our biomass fuels offer significant carbon and cost savings compared to fossil fuels and grid electricity. We assess your unique needs and utilize our custom Carbon Calculator to design a tailored solution employing the most suitable technology for your business.

Innovation is at our core, with several ongoing R&D projects focused on energy reduction, unconventional fuel sources, and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

In light of the growing emphasis on carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and escalating fossil fuel expenses, the time is ripe to explore low carbon energy systems for your heating, power, and waste utilization needs.

Our timeline


What CFE Offer

Looking Over Architectural Plans
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Analyzing Graphs
  • Site surveys

  • Assess planning permissions/conditions

  • Assess EA permit conditions

  • Existing energy usage/profile

  • Carbon modelling

  • Fuel cost modelling

  • Autocad 2D & 3D drawing and design 

  • CFD modelling

  • Mechanical & electrical design

  • System specifying

  • Controls integration

  • Financial modelling

  • Evaluating current funding/support (E.g. BEIS, DEFRA)

  • Independent energy modelling (MSc MIDHEE)

  • Fuel selection financial modelling

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  • Biomass storage bunkers, silos

  • Materials handling & movement equipment e.g. conveyors, top loaders, augers etc

  • Pipework-welded steel & press fit

  • Buffer vessels/ thermal stores

  • Heat emitters e.g. Fan coils, finned pipe &AHU

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Flues

  • Pre-insulated underground heating mains & transport systems

  • LPG & oil fired back up heating systems

  • Control panel cabinets & PLCs

  • Controls integration

  • General M&E services

  • RHI compliancy


  • Health & Safety file compilation & submission

  • CDM coordination 

  • Project management

  • Turnkey installation

  • RHI compliance and application service.

  • District heating

  • Coordinated system commissioning

  • Operation and maintenance manuals

  • Training of site operators and management

  • System handover

  • Heat- meter replacement

  • Biomass boiler specialist services

  • Boiler optimisation and re-commissioning service

  • Remote monitoring of plant and equipment

  • Fabrication, repairs and re-conditioning

  • Parts supply from all our Partner manufactures

  • Refurbishment & retrofit

Our Partners



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