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Carbon Focus Engineering achieve MCS040 standard Accreditation

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

As I am sure you are aware, to continue receiving RHI payments from Ofgem all RHI registered Biomass Boilers must be serviced and maintained annually by a HETAS registered Biomass service company from April 2022. We are pleased to announce that Carbon Focus Engineering Ltd (CFE) have gained MCS040 standard accreditation from HETAS (HABMS) and are now registered.

To find out more about the MCS040 Standard please follow the link, or for answers to some frequently asked questions, read on.

Some frequently asked questions:

What does this mean for me?

HETAS accreditation ensures that you are receiving quality assured service provision from engineers who are not only manufacture trained but have also gone through and passed an onsite technical inspection by HETAS.

How will I continue to receive my RHI payment?

The MCS 040 standard requires the RHI participant to have a maintenance report issued by HETAS certifying that the boiler has been serviced against the standard before Ofgem will release payment. The maintenance will need to be completed by a HETAS Biomass Maintenance Scheme registered business to comply with the Standard.

CFE is a registered HETAS Maintenance Business; our registration number is: 9185

Once our Engineers have serviced your boiler, we will supply you with our normal service report. However, as required by the scheme, we will also enter the details of the service into the HETAS portal, thus triggering RHI compliance and allow you to continue receiving RHI payments. There is a charge levied by HETAS for every submission through their portal which unfortunately we will need to pass on to our customers. The cost of submission is dependant on the size of the boiler (in kW).


Small Commercial 45 -199kW = £10

Medium Commercial 200 kW – 1MW = £10

Large Commercial 1.1MW upwards = £50

Can I service my own Boiler?

In theory Yes, but only after you have successfully produced and had approved a Quality Management system and passed an onsite HETAS technical inspection.

This process also includes a hefty initial registration fee and an annual HETAS subscription for every engineer who works on the boiler. Only then would you be able to access the HETAS portal and submit the Service Maintenance report which will then trigger your RHI payments.

When does this come into force?

The MCS040 standard went live on 1st April 2022, Ofgem will start mandating evidence for Commercial Biomass Boilers from 1st April 2023. No RHI payments will be made after next April unless they have been submitted through the HETAS portal.

At CFE we will start submitting through the HETAS portal straight away, to ensure that our customers RHI payment are not delayed. This also ensures compliance if you were to be audited by Ofgem.

We look forward to providing you with an excellent service but in the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email

Or to book your next service please call our Service Director Rik on: 07534055846

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